Hidden Gems of Kefalonia: An Exploration of Untouched Beauty and Cultural Riches

Discover Kefalonia's Hidden Wonders, From Historic Villages to Secluded Beaches and Local Gastronomy

Uncover Kefalonia's hidden gems with a start in Fiskardo, traditional Greek cuisine at Tassia Restaurant, a hike to Dafnoudi Beach, relaxation at Emblisi Beach, and a delightful dinner in Assos Village's Platanos Restaurant.

Fiskardo kefalonia trip

Embark on an unforgettable journey to Kefalonia’s hidden gems, starting in the picturesque village of Fiskardo. Explore its colourful Venetian buildings, charming narrow streets, artisanal shops, and the lesser-known lighthouse, with the nearby ruins of a Palaeolithic settlement offering a historical flashback. Savour traditional Greek cuisine at the popular Tassia Restaurant, set right on Fiskardo’s waterfront with captivating views of the harbour and Ionian Sea. Post-lunch, traverse through a cypress forest to reach the secluded paradise of Dafnoudi Beach, renowned for its crystal-clear waters. Further elevate your sun and sea experience at Emblisi Beach, a hidden gem nestled amidst white limestone cliffs, perfect for snorkelling or simply soaking up the sun. Conclude your day in the idyllic Assos Village, a sight that perfectly marries emerald hills with turquoise waters. Dine under the starry Greek sky at Platanos Restaurant, serving local specialties, offering the perfect end to your exploration of Kefalonia’s hidden wonders.

Time Activity Location
8:00 Kick off your day in the picturesque fishing village of Fiskardo. Known for its colourful Venetian buildings, this charming town is a delight to explore. Wander through the narrow streets, check out the local shops selling artisanal goods, and visit the hidden gem - the local lighthouse. For history buffs, the nearby ruins of a Palaeolithic settlement offer a fascinating glimpse into the past. Fiskardo, Greece
12:00 Head to the Tassia Restaurant, a popular spot among locals and tourists alike. Located right on Fiskardo's waterfront, the restaurant offers stunning views of the harbour and the Ionian Sea. Indulge in their menu of traditional Greek dishes, made with locally sourced ingredients. Fiskardo, 280 84, Greece
1.3 km
14:00 Post lunch, it's time for some sun and sea. Start with a leisurely hike through a cypress forest to reach Dafnoudi Beach, a secluded paradise known for its crystal-clear waters. Erisos, Greece
13.5 km
16:00 After a refreshing swim, head to Emblisi Beach. Surrounded by white limestone cliffs, this hidden gem is perfect for snorkelling or simply relaxing on the pebbles warmed by the sun. Erisos, Greece
1 m
20:00 End your day with a drive to the idyllic Assos Village. Nestled between emerald hills and turquoise waters, this village is a sight to behold. At the heart of the village is Platanos Restaurant. Serving a variety of local specialities, this traditional taverna is the perfect place to enjoy a delightful meal under the starry Greek sky. Asos 280 84, Greece
13.6 km