Experience the vibrant nightlife of Kefalonia, Greece, at its best with the island's top bars. Discover lively establishments offering a mix of energetic atmosphere, signature cocktails, and live music. Whether you prefer beachside bars with stunning views, cozy tavernas with local charm, or trendy cocktail lounges, Kefalonia has a diverse range of options to satisfy every taste. Enjoy the buzzing nightlife scene and create unforgettable memories as you sample the best bars that Kefalonia has to offer

Kefalonia Bars

The best bars in Kefalonia

Welcome to our guide on the best bars in Kefalonia! This Greek island offers a vibrant nightlife scene with a variety of bars catering to different tastes and preferences. Whether you're seeking a lively atmosphere, a cosy spot for cocktails, or a beachfront setting, Kefalonia has options to suit every mood.

In this article, we will highlight some of the top bars you can visit and the different types of bars you can find on the island.

Beach Bars Kefalonia:

Kefalonia is known for its beautiful beaches, and many of them have beach bars where you can relax and enjoy a refreshing drink with your toes in the sand. These bars offer a laid-back atmosphere, often with chill-out music and comfortable loungers. Imagine sipping a cocktail while gazing at the stunning sunset over the sea at one of the beach bars along Myrtos Beach, Lassi Beach, or Skala Beach.

Cocktail Bars Kefalonia:

For those looking for expertly crafted cocktails and a stylish ambience, Kefalonia has a selection of cocktail bars to choose from. These bars often have a wide range of creative and classic cocktails on their menu, along with a selection of premium spirits. Whether you prefer a classic mojito, a fruity daiquiri, or a signature concoction, you can find the perfect spot to indulge in a delicious drink in places like Argostoli or Fiskardo.

Music Bars Kefalonia:

If you’re in the mood for live music or a lively atmosphere, Kefalonia has music bars that offer entertainment into the late hours. These bars often feature local bands or DJs playing a variety of genres, from Greek music to international hits. Enjoy the vibrant energy of these bars, dance the night away, and experience the lively Kefalonian nightlife.

Wine Bars Kefalonia:

For wine enthusiasts, Kefalonia has charming wine bars where you can sample a variety of local wines and relax in an intimate setting. These bars often offer a selection of wines from the island, including the famous Robola wine. Sit back, savour the flavours of the region, and let the knowledgeable staff guide you through the island’s wine culture.

Traditional Tavernas Kefalonia:

While not strictly bars, traditional tavernas in Kefalonia often offer a lively and convivial atmosphere, where you can enjoy drinks alongside delicious Greek cuisine. These tavernas often have outdoor seating areas and serve local spirits, such as ouzo and raki, as well as Greek wines and beers. Immerse yourself in the warm hospitality, mingle with locals, and enjoy the lively ambience that these tavernas offer.

Sports Bars Kefalonia:

If you’re a sports fan who doesn’t want to miss out on the big game, Kefalonia has sports bars where you can enjoy live broadcasts of various sports events. These bars often have large screens, a range of beers on tap, and a lively atmosphere. Join fellow sports enthusiasts and cheer for your favourite team while enjoying a refreshing drink.

In conclusion, Kefalonia offers a diverse range of bars to suit different preferences and moods. Whether you’re seeking a beach bar for a relaxed afternoon, a cocktail bar for a sophisticated night out, a music bar for live entertainment, a wine bar for a tasting experience, or a traditional taverna for a lively evening, you’ll find the perfect spot to enjoy Kefalonia’s vibrant nightlife. Raise a glass, mingle with locals and fellow travellers, and create memorable moments in the bars of Kefalonia.

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Willys Cafe and Bar

A vibrant spot where you can enjoy a range of beverages, live music, and a friendly ambiance

A vibrant spot offering a range of beverages, live music, and a friendly ambiance. Whether you're looking to start your day with a hearty breakfast or end it with a nightcap, Willy's has you covered.

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Katelios Taverna

An quintessential Greek taverna

A traditional taverna offering local dishes and drinks in a welcoming atmosphere. Its authentic Greek cuisine, friendly service, and rustic decor make it a must-visit for those seeking a taste of local culture.

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Anemos Bar

A beloved local gem renowned for its welcoming atmosphere

Known for its friendly staff and wide selection of drinks, Anemos is a local favourite for a casual night out. Its cosy interior and welcoming atmosphere make it a great spot to unwind and enjoy a drink.

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Mylos Beach Bar

A serene oasis where a laid-back beach vibe

Offering a laid-back beach vibe, Mylos serves a variety of drinks alongside light bites. Its comfortable seating, friendly staff, and beachfront location make it the perfect spot for a relaxing day by the sea.

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Antisamos Beach Bar

Nestled along the scenic coastline of Kefalonia

Antisamos Beach Bar is a picturesque haven located right on the shores of Kefalonia. Known for its refreshing cocktails and stunning sea views, it's the perfect spot to unwind. The bar's laid-back vibe, friendly staff, and prime beachfront location make it a popular choice for both locals and tourists.

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Draught Grill & Beerhouse

A true haven for beer enthusiasts where a vast selection of local and international brews awaits

A haven for beer lovers, Draught offers a wide range of local and international brews alongside grilled delicacies. Its rustic decor and friendly staff create a welcoming atmosphere for casual dining and socialising.

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Logos Grand View

A captivating destination renowned for its awe-inspiring panoramic vistas

Known for its stunning panoramic views, Logos Grand View offers a wide selection of beverages in a relaxed setting. It's the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy the breathtaking scenery with a drink in hand.

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Trentis Bar

The epitome of hipness and style

A hip spot offering a variety of cocktails, craft beers, and live DJ sets. Its energetic atmosphere and trendy decor make it a popular choice for a fun night out.

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Baroque le bistrot

An exquisite French-inspired establishment

A French-inspired establishment known for its fine wines and elegant atmosphere. With its sophisticated decor and curated menu, it's the perfect place for a refined dining experience.

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Carena Bar Restaurant

Where the timeless charm of a traditional taverna meets the vibrant energy of a modern bar

Combining the charm of a traditional taverna with a modern bar, Carena offers a wide array of drinks and hearty meals. Its warm ambiance and hearty food make it a popular choice for a relaxed evening out.