Enthralling Kefalonia: A Venetian Voyage and Island-Hopping Adventure

Relish a Half-Day of Scenic Views, Quaint Villages, and Coastal Delights in Kefalonia

Begin your half-day adventure in Kefalonia with a visit to the historic Venetian Castle of Assos, followed by exploration of the vibrant village of Fiskardo and a picturesque boat tour to the island of Ithaca. Wrap up your journey savouring local Kefalonian delicacies at a waterfront taverna in Fiskardo, creating a blend of historical, natural, and culinary experiences.

Fiskardo kefalonia trip

Commence your half-day exploration at the historic Venetian Castle of Assos, a 16th-century marvel offering breathtaking panoramic views over the Ionian Sea. Journey next to the charming village of Fiskardo, a picturesque locale adorned with colorful Venetian houses and a vibrant harbor. Set sail from Fiskardo to the neighboring island of Ithaca on a scenic boat tour, savoring the beauty of the Ionian Sea and its stunning coastal vistas. Cap off your adventure with a delectable lunch at one of Fiskardo’s waterfront tavernas like Ellie’s, indulging in local culinary gems such as fresh seafood or the Kefalonian meat pie. This half-day trip is designed to tantalize your senses with Kefalonia’s rich history, stunning landscapes, and delightful cuisine.

Time Activity Location
08:00 Start your day with a visit to the Venetian Castle of Assos. This 16th-century Venetian castle offers panoramic views of the surrounding area and the Ionian Sea. The walk-up might be steep, but it's worth it. Erisos 280 84, Greece
10:30 Next, head to the picturesque village of Fiskardo and see the beach. Known for its colourful Venetian houses and harbour lined with fishing boats, it's a beautiful place to explore. Fiskardo, 280 84, Greece
13.1 km
11:30 Take a boat tour from Fiskardo to the neighbouring island of Ithaca. Enjoy the blue waters of the Ionian Sea and the stunning coastal views. Fiskardo, 280 84, Greece
1.3 km
14:30 Return to Fiskardo and enjoy a leisurely lunch at one of the waterfront tavernas. Try local dishes like fresh seafood or Kefalonian meat pie. Places like Ellie's might be a good place to start. Fiskardo, 280 84, Greece
1.3 km